Natural Attractions and parks of Tehran

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The capital of Iran is filled with numerous natural sights. Iranian culture and society have always held a high value and respect for nature in all of its forms. Here, we present the best natural sights and parks that you can visit in Tehran.

1. Lavasan:

Lavasan, which covers an area of 70 square kilometers, is home to breathtakingly gorgeous mountain sights, beautiful rural roads, incredible fresh air, and luxurious mansions. Lavasan is even referred to as the Beverly Hills or Switzerland of Tehran.

2. Mount Tochal:

One of the tallest peaks in Tehran, or Bam-e Tehran, is Mount Tochal (3962 m). Residents of Tehran frequently visit this area for leisure. Tochal Complex, which includes the Tochal Hotel and the Tochal Ski Resort, is accessible from Tehran through the Tochal telecabin lift.
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Tochal complex provides the best leisure in Bam-e Tehran. You can enjoy fun activities like paintball, bungee jumping and telecabin. You may unwind in the Tochal’s calm & quiet environment, especially on weekdays. It’s also a fantastic recommendation if you love mountain climbing.

3. Jamshidieh Stone Garden:

Jamshidieh Park is one of Tehran’s best parks due to its location on a hiking path to the city’s northern heights, distinctive architecture, attractive ponds, artificial waterfalls, and aesthetic features that set it apart from other parks in the capital. Jamshidieh, which has a lake nearby waterfalls, is located at the highest point in Tehran. It is one of the first areas in the city to be covered with snow due to its proximity to the mountains in northern Tehran.
The park’s facilities include the Jamshidieh Art House, an amphitheater, a pond, birds’ cage, a number of statues with cultural and mystical themes, as well as restaurants, fountains. One of Jamshidieh’s distinctive characteristics is its rocky, uneven surface, which resonates the untainted beauty of forested gardens.

4. Mellat Park:

Mellat Park, one of Tehran’s most liked public parks, provides stunning views of the city’s surrounding snow-capped Alborz Mountain. Next to one of the world’s longest streets; Valiasr Street, Mellat Park was a feast of flowing fountains, sculptures, seats, cafés, lanes, and flowers. If you are in Tehran for a while, we advise you to visit Mellat Park to unwind and escape the busy streets.
Being one of Tehran’s largest parks, Mellat Park is 34 hectares in size and includes a small zoo, old & very large trees, a fountain, a lake, a four-dimensional cinema and a variety of sporting facilities including tennis, volleyball and badminton courts. You can rent apartment near Mellat park in Tehran if you are interested to enjoy jogging there. And if you don’t know where to play tennis in Tehran, the famous international Esteghlal tennis court  with 13 courts is located near Mellat park.

5. Niavaran Park:

Niavaran Park is situated just south of the Niavaran Palace in the northern part of Tehran.
The park is famous for its large pools & is home to one of Tehran’s oldest plane trees, a 150-year-old, 20-meter-tall tree with an 80-meter diameter at its thickest point.

6. Chitgar Forest Park

One of Tehran’s best parks, Chitgar Park is especially known for picnics and cycling on the weekends. This park’s territory is almost 900 hectares, and it has a wide variety of plant species.
This park is famous for its bicycle and skate lanes, which has made it a popular hangout for Tehran’s youngsters.

7. Darakeh

Tehran’s Darakeh Recreational Center is one of the best nature is has to offer. Due to Darakeh’s beautiful environment, guests find it difficult to leave. Prepare for a fairly short trek and appreciate the enticing pickle and nut stores on either side of you as you ascend the mountain. Tehran’s Darakeh Recreational Center is also regarded as a great destination for having a dish of delicious Iranian kebab. While having your food, picture yourself enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and a gentle stream current flowing by in the river.

8. Darband

Darband is a very lovely location that is ideal for hiking, viewing gorgeous natural landscapes and eating the most delicious meals Iranian foods. This amusing area of Tehran nature, which is 1700 meters above sea level, serves as the primary route for travelers to reach the Alborz Mountains and other height.

9. Mount Damavand

At an elevation of 5,609 metres, stands Iran’s highest mountain, Mount Damavand. It is also the highest volcano mountain in Asia. Some of the most beautiful hot springs are located in Damavand. In the mountain’s southern region, there is a frozen waterfall that is unmatched elsewhere in the world. It has a 3-meter diameter and is 7 meters tall. The waterfall’s ice is resistant to melting.



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