Rent an Apartment in Velenjak, Tehran

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Rent an Apartment in Velenjak, Tehran

Velenjak is one of the most modern and luxurious neighborhoods in north of Tehran, located in district number one. This neighborhood is considered a very desirable area to live in due to its perfect location with ease of access, excellent climate, and moderate population with acceptable amount of traffic during the rush hours. Velenjak leads to the Parkway bridge from the south, Tochal Heights from the north, Darake neighborhood from the west and Zafaraniyeh neighborhood from the east. Velenjak neighborhood is close to the mountains surrounding the city and has numerous gardens, therefor it has perfect living conditions for the residents and those who intend to rent an apartment in Velenjak.
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There are a number of embassies in this area, such as embassy of the state of Japan and embassy of Egypt.
Some of the best restaurants with high quality foods are located in Velenjak; You can experience the wonderful taste of Iranian food and mouthwatering kebabs in Shandiz Galleria, go for a delicious pizza or pasta in Saro or have a great time in a relaxing environment with the best hot and cold drinks in Roble Lounge. For those who want to spend some time playing Tennis, there are quite a few options in Velenjak neighborhood to choose from, like Tennis Plus or Akan Tennis Academy. Also, if you want to go for a walk or have a challenging running route, you are in luck because one of the best places to spend time in nature and breath fresh and clean air is located in Velenjak; Bame Tehran, where you can walk high above the city and also have a great time riding the Telecabin with a complete view of Tehran.

Bame Tehran


To rent an apartment in Velenjak, you need between 1500 to 5000 dollars per month. You can find your desired property for renting apartment in Velenjak in Home website, which is the first and most trusted place for renting apartment in Tehran and Iran.

If you want know more about the city of Tehran and the best neighborhoods to rent an apartment in Tehran, you can read our Rent Apartment in Tehran, Iran article

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