Rent an Apartment in Niavaran, Tehran

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Rent Apartment in Niavaran, Tehran

Niavaran neighborhood is located in the 1st district of Tehran, which is the most luxury area of the city, consisting of the best neighborhoods such as Zaferanieh, Velenjak, Gheytarieh and Farmanieh. Niavaran is one of the most important areas of the city and there are a lot of attractions in this neighborhood; like the Niavaran Park and the Niavaran Palace. Also many embassies are in this area of Tehran. Some of the most famous historical places of Tehran is in Niavaran, which you can see their names in the list below:

-Sahibqraniye Palace
-Ahmad Shahi Pavilion
-Niavaran Palace
-Niavaran Historical Complex

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Niavaran has the best conditions in terms of access to shopping centers, entertainment centers, high quality restaurants, medical facilities and several embassies. This neighborhood is definitely one of the best areas to live in Tehran with high standard penthouses, luxurious villas and spacious apartments. Another great feature of this part of the city is clean air and pleasant climate.

Niavaran Palace, Tehran, Iran

The price of renting apartment in Niavaran depends on the property size, age of the building or villa, the precise location of the property & etc. For example, properties in the main streets like Bahonar, Khayyam, Shafei, Gorji, Jahanshahi and Kaj have higher prices for rent compared to other areas of this neighborhood.

To rent an apartment in Niavaran, you need between 1000 to 4500 dollars per month. You can find your desired property for renting apartment in Niavaran in Home website, which is the first and most trusted place for renting apartment in Tehran and Iran.

If you want know more about this city and the best neighborhoods to rent an apartment in Tehran, you can read our Rent Apartment in Tehran, Iran article

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