Apartment For Rent

Monthly Price $900 $700
  • Property Size 114 sqm
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Building Age 30 years


If you're looking for a furnished apartment in Mirdamad Jordan, Delta Home has an offer for you. An affordable three bedroom house in the east of Jordan is available for long term lease. This cozy home is within 5 minutes walking distance of Mirdamad Metro station. Situating in a family friendly area and close to shopping and the city center, Makes this beautiful house a good choice for you and your family. This lovely home is full of traditional element designs with light colors. Contact us for assisting you to find the place you desire. .واحد سه خوابه دلباز در میرداماد با قیمت مناسب برای اجاره یکساله موجود است این .ملک مبله برای اجاره نزدیک ایستگاه مترو میرداماد و شریعتی واقع شده است . با دسترسی عالی به چندین مرکز خرید بزرگ و واقع شدن در منطقه میرداماد ظفر این آپارتمان انتخاب درستی برای ایرانی ها و خارجی های مقیم تهران است دلتا هوم، بخش اجاره به خارجی املاک بزرگ دلتا

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General Features

  • No. of Floors: 2
  • No. of Units in each Floor: 1
  • Floor Number: 3
  • Tel Line: 1
  • Floor Covering: Parquet
  • Kitchen: MDF

Internal Features

Furnished Storage Renovated Garage
Givehchy Home Real Estate Broker

Questions about this property? Property Code: 5441


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